It All Started

with a simple remark by a friend of Saturdays Count LLC founder Mike Sunderman, “Ya know bud, there are only so many Saturdays”. Mike immediately recognized the value and one Saturday, while watching his favorite Hawkeyes, the announcer said ' they gotta make this one count'. There it was.

1 Season....12Games....12 Saturdays

Make Em Count

And on that day, ONLY SO MANY SATURDAYS…MAKE ’EM COUNT was born. Sunderman, with his nephew and partner, Tyler Fisher, (two South Dakota boys) set out to insert ‘Only So Many Saturdays…Make ’Em Count’ into the lexicon of college football. And it is working. In just two years, Saturdays Count has printed shirts in the colors of 101 schools and shipped to 45 states.

The Greatest

Frankly, we believe it is the greatest slogan in college sports.

Think about it — is there another phrase that captures the passion, fervor, and intensity that rules players, coaches, and fans each college football Saturday? We think not.

National Recognition

Saturdays Count LLC, a passion-driven company will attain national recognition by grass roots, guerilla and shot in the dark marketing. “ONLY SO MANY SATURDAYS…MAKE ’EM COUNT”. The Greatest Tagline in the History of College Football.

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